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I am looking for someone to host my website and set up credit card payments
We need to deliver an on site Scrum Master training course in Exeter within the next 6 weeks. Can anybody help? Note - …
We currently have available resources to provide support and guidance to help you transform your operational processes! Get in touch ASAP for more …

It starts here…

We’re creating an awesome new virtual marketplace for buying and selling technology.

We’re still in the process of building the site but we’d love you to take a look around and be part of our new adventure!

As we’re still in development we’ve had to create a few terms and conditions that you’ll need to agree to, which amongst other things explain that there may be the odd bug or two. Hope that’s OK.

We’d also love to hear what you think so if you have any feedback (good or bad!) feel free to drop us an email at

Have a great day,
Team Jugo

Beta Phase Terms and Conditions

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